The VVR can either be installed on OEM equipment or retrofitted onto existing machines.

The calculator below will help to determine the required volume and VVR size.

Please note that motors, double rod cylinders, rotary actuators have no differential volume.

For larger volume requirements, the VVR can be installed in series or parallel.

The VVR can operate in a temperature range of -20°C to +107°C (-4°F to +225°F). With the reduced volume, in cold start situations the warm up time will be much quicker.

* A heater pad can be installed for operating temperatures bellow -20⁰C (-4⁰F). See VVR options.

Which VVR do you need?

Differential Volume - Cylinder Type 1

Differential Volume - Cylinder Type 2

Differential Volume - Cylinder Type 3

Differential Volume - Cylinder Type 4

Thermal expansion


* Initial volume = Network volume + pump & motor housing volume + cylinder tube volume

** The constant 10% covers for; -30C to + 125C (-22F to +257F) temperature range, which is very conservative